Life Science Facilities

Food Tech has experience with design/build services for life science facilities, including structural engineering.
Food Tech provides architectural design and other design/build services to life science facilities.

For over 10 years, Food Tech has operated in FDA-protocol environments.

Our history in the world of food processing and clean environments made for an easy transition to other FDA-driven markets.

Our clients have included Unilever, DMV International, Beckman Coulter, and ConAgra.

Food Tech’s capabilities in life science environments includes elevated bio containment lab design, pharmaceutical processes, FDA /NIH protocol animal production, and design of packaging and distribution centers of end product.

Food Tech specializes in the planning, engineering, and construction of pharmaceutical and FDA process/protocol facilities, which includes all field /site coordination and execution.

Contact us today to learn how our life science facility design/build services—including industrial engineering, architectural engineering, structural engineering, and architectural design—can improve your facility and meet your needs.