Tony's Fine Food

Food Tech specializes in inventory warehouse layout design for food service distribution centers.

Client Objectives

Client had need for high density storage to support seasonal demands and high SKU counts.

Value Delivered:

Food Tech analyzed Tony’s SKUs and product movement and put together a conventional expansion plan, as well as an Automated Expansion Plan with increased building height.  By shrinking the building footprint, the construction cost savings were able to pay for the Automation, resulting in construction of a state of the art Automated Facility for the same upfront construction cost. 

Scope of Services:

Food Tech developed an innovative, cost savings design and provided all aspects of the Design/Build processes for this 100,000sf Freezer Addition.


100,000 SF Automated Freezer Expansion – Sacramento, CA

60’ tall freezer with ASRS “Automated Fork Trucks” for full pallet put-away & let-down

New docks, battery charging & employee areas

Expanded central Ammonia Refrigeration System

Photovoltaic “solar panels” on roof for reduced energy usage


Food Tech was chosen on the project for our experience with Automation and for bringing a unique fresh look to what was originally a conventional expansion.

Food Service Distribution


Operating Company Name:
Food Tech

Project Name & Location:
Tony’s Fine Foods,
Sacramento CA

Client Name:
Tony’s Fine Food






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