Newcomerstown, OH

Caito Foods

For a nationwide wholesale food distributor, we built a cost-effective, ergonomically-designed distribution facility.

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Aerial view of the Caito Foods distribution center in Ohio

Value Delivered

Caito Foods chose Food Tech, Inc. to plan and design-build its Ohio produce distribution center. 

Our solutions included cost-effective insulated steel frame construction and zone engineering to help achieve precise temperature and humidity requirements.

Additionally, our ergonomically-designed material handling system allowed order selectors to access hundreds of stock keeping units at floor level.

Client Objectives

Caito Foods needed a new produce distribution center geographically located to facilitate shipping fresh product by minimizing truck delivery miles.


Our solutions for the 65,000-square-foot addition with 43,000-square-feet of expansion space at Caito Food’s produce distribution center included:

  • Multi-temperature and humidity zones
  • Pressurized banana rooms
  • Double-sided refrigerated docks
  • Regional office
  • Material handling design
  • Ergonomic and productive racking system

Client Background

Founded in 1960, Caito Foods is an industry-leading nationwide wholesale produce distributor and fresh-cuts processor.