Harbin, China and Delmas, South Africa

McCain Foods

We helped an international leader in potato processing build high-quality processing facilities at a more effective cost at their China and South Africa locations.

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Aerial views of the African and Chinese McCain Foods plants

Value Delivered

Food Tech, Inc. provided engineering and construction management services to coordinate materials and systems sourced in Europe, the U.S., China, and South Africa.

We utilized our single-source, design-build approach to build two 90,000-square-feet processing facilities efficiently and economically.

Client Objectives

McCain foods needed to expand their food processing capabilities in two key markets: China and South Africa. They required cutting-edge technology and efficiently designed solutions to meet demand in their expanding markets.


For the China project, Food Tech delivered the following:

  • Humi-cell ventilation, humidity, and temperature-controlled system
  • Perforated concrete floor with plenum for even air distribution to the floor stacked potatoes
  • Glycol refrigeration system
  • Steel framed building with insulated walls and roof

For the South Africa project, Food Tech delivered the following:

  • Process plant expansion to increase overall production capacity from nine tons to 16.5 tons per day
  • Storage freezer expansion
  • Additional boiler, refrigeration, and effluent equipment, as well as larger cold store and dry store facilities
  • Enlarged existing office space
  • Training Centre to assist in the training and development of existing and newly appointed staff

Client Background

McCain Foods is an international leader in potato processing with 49 production facilities located around the globe.