Newark, NJ

Garden State Cold Storage

Our engineering and design expertise provided cost-effective construction for a large cold storage facility.

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Value Delivered

Food Tech was selected for this design-build project based on our expertise in cold storage facility planning and construction.

We began with a careful site evaluation which helped us overcome multiple refrigeration engineering challenges, and deliver a highly-efficient warehouse. 

Supported by deep piles and a structural slab, our cold storage building design incorporated a cost-effective steel frame with insulated roof and walls. 

Our precise storage rack design-engineering provided narrow aisle turret trucks that handle full pallet put-aways and let-downs for very high-density storage.

Client Objectives

Garden State Cold Storage needed to construct a 70,000-square-foot public refrigerated warehouse and office facility that would help expand their services in the Metro New York area.


In addition to site evaluation, planning, and design-build services, Food Tech delivered a finished facility that included:

  • 70-foot-high public refrigerated warehouse
  • Computer-controlled central industrial Freon refrigeration system 
  • Cost-effective steel frame and insulated roof and walls
  • Refrigerated dock
  • Narrow aisle turret trucks for high-density storage
  • Corporate offices

Client Background

Garden State Cold Storage provides cold storage and logistical assistance throughout the Northeastern United States from their facilities near Port Newark, NJ.