Sacramento, CA

Tony’s Fine Foods

We provided cold storage construction and facility expansion for a large food distribution center.

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Aerial view of Tony's Fine Foods distribution center in Californai

Value Delivered

Food Tech managed a variety of design-build projects for Tony’s Fine Foods’ Sacramento, CA distribution center, including construction, inventory management, and amenity expansions. 

We performed all work on a fast-track basis, using cost-effective construction methods and professional construction management.

Our integrated approach helped optimize material handling, and maximize the efficiency of labor and materials flow. Advanced refrigeration engineering helped ensure precise temperature control throughout the facility.

Client Objectives

This client needed a variety of expansions and renovations on their more than 300,000-square-foot specialty food distribution center in Sacramento, CA.


After analyzing Tony’s Fine Foods’ stock keeping units and product movement, Food Tech combined conventional expansion plans with an automated expansion plan. This integration allowed us to incorporate a cutting-edge automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) hi-rise freezer by raising the building’s height. Throughout the projects, Food Tech delivered:

  • Material handling design and refrigeration engineering
  • 60-foot ASRS hi-rise freezer with full automated fork truck capable of full pallet put-away and let-down
  • Cold storage construction featuring an ammonia refrigeration central system 
  • 34°F refrigerated docks and -10°F freezer zones
  • Photovoltaic solar panels for reduced energy usage 

Client Background

Tony’s Fine Foods (Tony’s) is one of Northern California’s leading distributors of deli, bakery, foodservice, specialty, and perishable products.