Greensboro, NC and King George, VA

Harris Teeter

Our logistics, design, and construction expertise helped a large grocery chain expand their retail base and meet increased demand.

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Aerial view of the Harris Teeter facility

Value Delivered

Having designed Harris Teeter’s original Greensboro, NC distribution center, Food Tech was able to provide a cost-efficient 40,000-square-foot expansion. 

Additionally, because of our expertise in logistics planning and material handling design, Harris Teeter selected us to help locate, design, master plan, and construct a new 650,000-square-foot distribution center in Virginia.

Client Objectives

Harris Teeter needed to expand their 200,000-square-foot grocery distribution center in Greensboro, NC to meet increased demand from their retail stores. They also needed to further expand their overall retail base by building a cutting-edge grocery distribution center to serve the entire Mid-Atlantic region. 


For the Greensboro, NC facility expansion, we provided:

  • Architectural design and engineering
  • Expanded ammonia refrigeration central system
  • 28°F meat cooler
  • 34°F dairy and deli cooler 
  • 35°F dairy cooler (convertible to future floral coolers)
  • Rooftop penthouse refrigeration units 
  • Additional battery charging stations

As part of our site selection services for Harris Teeter’s new King George, VA facility, we used projected store zip codes and ton/mile equations to perform a logistic analysis and determine a distribution centroid. We then compared multiple properties with estimated development costs, and conducted a business location study to determine incentives and labor availability.

Our solutions for this new facility included:

  • Refrigerated dock with 55 positions
  • Ambient dock with 40 positions
  • Salvage dock with 24 positions
  • Dry storage
  • 55°F/34°F coolers
  • -10°F freezer
  • Pressurized banana ripening rooms
  • Central ammonia refrigeration
  • Battery charging stations
  • Material handling equipment
  • Truck maintenance, washing, and fueling facility
  • Guardhouse
  • Three-story operations office
  • Employee amenities hub
  • Pedestrian bridge

Client Background

Harris Teeter operates more than 240 retail supermarkets in seven states and Washington, D.C., as well as grocery, frozen food, and perishable distribution centers.